Terri’s Story

Terri Puglia – Team Leader and Diamond Distributor
(504) 388-6388

Terri has always been a huge advocate of preventative medicine. If a product is touted as a healing device, or preventative health measure, you can guarantee that it’s on Terri’s radar, or already in Terri’s home! Her journey with the BioMat began in the Spring of 2011. It was mentioned just in passing, but it was enough to pique her interest. She began to search diligently for a distributor in her native New Orleans area so that she could try it out. She found nothing. Her searching brought her all the way to Florida, to Gail Soucy, Managing Director of Richway International. Gail, sensing Terri’s sincere desire and exuberance for this life-changing, medical device, sent Terri her very own BioMat, free of charge. “Try it out, and if you love it, which I know you will, you can pay then”, said Gail. This generosity is prevalent in the BioMat community, and especially in Terri’s approach. She has seen first-hand what amazing results are gained in just a few days’ time of using the BioMat. Her own story is one of complete wonder!

She bought the mat because of the way it made her feel. Every time she laid down on the mat, a feeling of serenity passed over her; her body released all tension. Whatever else this mat could do, which she yet did not know, relieving her stress was a good enough reason to own one. After all, she knows that 90% of all illness is caused by stress. Remove stress, remove illness, promote lasting health and well-being.

At the time, Terri was going through a few of life’s more stressful situations. One of them being, that her doctors had just found nodules on her Thyroid. The “C” word had been mentioned, and as anyone knows, even the mention of such a word causes incredible stress to the mind and body.

She began researching the healing effects of her new-found, most favorite health product yet. The studies of far-infrared heat therapy and cancer were enough to convince her that this would be her best bet of ridding herself of even the thought of cancer. Diligently, she spent every night sleeping on the BioMat, and everyday committed to 2 sauna treatments a day. She had no idea what this treatment protocol would do for her, but intuitively, she felt her body healing, and believed it was due to this amazing device!

Less than one year later, she visited her doctors again, to have tests and scans done of her thyroid. To everyone’s amazement, the nodules were GONE! No trace of them were found in the blood tests or scans. Her doctor just could not believe it. “Terri, what have you been doing? Have you been taking medication that I’m unaware of? Vitamins? How can this have happened?”, asked her doctor in complete disbelief and wonder. “Nope. No medication, and my vitamin regimen hasn’t changed at all. I have been using this amazing medical device, though,” responded Terri. “What medical device,” inquired the doctor. “The BioMat, of course!” responded Terri.

This was Terri’s wow moment with the BioMat. It took a year; for some it takes a week, or a month, others may have to wait longer for their results. But what is guaranteed is that if you stick with it, if you commit to yourself and your health, you will detox those toxins from your system, you will bring your body back into balance, and you will heal in ways you never even thought possible. This is what the BioMat does, and it is AMAZING at it!
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